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Patrick O Sullivan

UI / UX Design

BSc in Digital Design (DIT)
Diploma in Informatin Technology (DCU)

Welcome to my Portfolio.

A hard-working, creative and thoughtful designer with strong technical skills and an understanding of design as a user-centric process.

Here are some examples of my work.


Design Process


Find out more about the design problem through observing, engaging and empathizing with people.

Getting involved in the physical environment to understand their experiences and motivations. Empathy is crucial to human-centered design. 


Use the information gathered in the Empathise stage to define the core problem to be solved. Avoid assumptions.

Try to define the problem in a human centered way rather than as a business need


Try to generate as many ideas as possible in this phase of the process. Brainstorm and card-sort to think creatively about how to approach the problem that has been identified.


Produce a scaled-down version of the product or feature that can be tested either within the team or on a small group of users from outside the team. This is an experimental phase to identify the best possible solution to the problem.


Using the best solutions to the design problem that were determined in the prototype phase, rigorous testing is carried out to identify problems and flaws in the solution.



Refinements and alterations are made to fine-tune the design. As an iterative process, the aim of this phase is to create as deep an understanding as possible of the product and its users.

Featured Work

UI/ux Design- work in progress


I joined this start-up in 2015 and the team has produced a web-based activity organising platform which has received second-round funding from Enterprise Ireland. I am the lead designer on the team and Google’s Material Design is used throughout the app. Beginning with an idea we’ve moved from paper wireframe testing to clickable pdf’s to Flinto prototypes, testing an Alpha version of the app and now in Beta. We are seeking seed capital to expand. 

We are also developing an online space for language schools and corporate bodies called Community Hubs. I designed and built the site to showcase this product, as well as a corporate brochure to be circulated to potential clients.

Website design and branding

Togher Family Centre

Based in Cork, this government funded charity was seeking to update their website and move some of their services online. All images were taken by me and my co-designer on site.

Website Design

Moneysmart Financial Advisor

This Wicklow based Independent Financial Advisor wanted to make his existing site responsive. After carrying out some modifications to the site he took my advice and we undertook a new build. As in all projects, I endeavor to take original images for the site and avoid using stock photography where possible.

Website Design and brand review

St. Columbanus National School

A National School in Dun Laoghaire had a static single page site. Liaising closely with staff and parents I put out a survey to establish the user needs.

Identifying that both the school and the parents wanted to be able to exchange information online, the project was then scoped, designed, prototyped and built.

If you like my work please feel free to get in touch?

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